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Unleash your natural  superpower
The Harmonic Egg is designed to offer a moment of deep rest, completely isolated from all stimuli. The combination of soundhealing, colourtherapy and the construction of the wooden cabin grants access to an expended consciousness.

Inside is where the magic happens

This natural frequencytherapy brings the entire system into homeostasis. From a healing state of calmness the natural self-healing ability is activated.

The benefits

Peeling off the layers

We were all born as pure beings. By peeling off the layers, it is possible to reconnect to your purest self.

Deep meditative state of relaxation

Deep relaxation provides the possibilitiy to transform. Someone who feels calm and safe is capable to heal.

Healing on a cellular level

Sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.

How does it work?

Harmonic Egg® is working on a cellular level through resonant sound, colour and light frequencies that the body detects and decodes as healthy frequencies (healing) vibrations.

Cells communicate using resonant frequencies. It’s like tuning your radio to a specific channel. The difference between tuning the station to 89.5 or 99.5 is between a clear and a static signal (signal disruptor). The resonance is where the magic is.  

Science has shown that vibrational frequencies (from sound and colours) enter the body through the central nervous system, bones, muscles, and even through our bodies’ skin receptors.


Every cell, organ and bone in the body has a unique resonant frequency that produces an electromagnetic field and distinct frequency pattern. Compare it with instruments in an orchestra that combine to form a composite frequency. When one of the body’s organs is out of tune / harmony, it affects the entire body. Sound is used to put the body back into balance.

About Us

Our Story


Led by the belief that
anyone can heal

Harmonic Egg was created in 2016. Since that year, nearly 140 Harmonic Egg centers have opened throughout the world! It is our mission to support anyone who wants to reactivate the natural healing abilities we are born with.

Guiding people back to their purest self. Once stuck trauma and emotions are released, life force energy can flow again. We are on a mission!



I've been to the Harmonic Egg at Ydwine in Eindhoven about four times now. Each time it is a special experience, each time in a different way. And every time I get a little better.

I've fallen on my head just too often in my life, which means that I'm dealing with cognitive complaints and my living environment has become extremely small due to overstimulation.

Since I've been in the egg a lot has changed, if not everything. My load capacity is much greater. Where I used to have to schedule a few additional days between appointments, my agenda is now fuller than ever. Driving takes much less energy. I've been to a concert a few times. The second concert was a guitar concert that turned out to last almost 4 hours! After a good night's sleep I just felt good again.
I have dared to book a week's holiday abroad for years. My problem solving skills have started to come back. I'm much brighter, I'm more cheerful and a nicer partner, if I do say so myself :).

I am incredibly grateful that the Harmonic Egg came my way. Because I never dreamed that I would recover so much again. And then an hour in the egg is also a wonderful, relaxing experience. What a gift. I am very grateful to Gail Lynn, the Eindhoven egg and of course Ydwine.

Ingrid Gans

The Harmonic Egg was a very special experience for me in a beautiful, relaxing environment. Ydwine explains everything calmly in advance and adapts each session to what you want to achieve. I came out very 'zen' and relaxed and would love to come back. Highly recommended!

Angela Terberg

My Harmonic Egg experience in Eindhoven with Ydwine.
It is difficult to find the words when you don't know much about energy and frequencies, but I will try. When I try something new I go in with an open mind and a childlike curiosity and that is probably a good advise for anybody - no expectations, so you can receive. In the first few minutes I relaxed and almost immediately was taken on a journey and pictures appeared. I was blessed to meet someone and had a active conversation that was guiding me. Even though I went in for something totally different, I received exactly what I needed at that moment. The kindness and love I was able to feel is out of this world and I strongly believe that we are all protected and guided by something higher. When my session was over, it felt like I was only in there for minutes and my body felt very relaxed and light - almost like a total reset.
I will for sure go back and have another session. Ydwine is very intuitive and kind and her knowledge will ease your tension if you go in for the first time. Everybody can benefit, but the experience is very individual. Just have an open mind and be curious.
This is probably one of the future healing tool.

Heike Eichhorn


The emotional and spiritual feeling took me to a higher state of consciousness. Each session was different from the rest. I couldn’t wait for the next eggsperience so I decided to become a member!  

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